Dutch language school – the Masterguide

Are you looking for language courses in Spanish, English, Dutch or German? The Masterguide is a Dutch language school. We are there for you if you want to learn or improve a language. But this is not the only thing we do. We are also happy to provide study guidance. Online or on location in Holland. In groups or private lessons. For young and old. Professional, enthusiastic and patient. Join the Master Guide for:
  • Language courses in Dutch, German, Spanish or English
  • Tutoring and after school study sessions
  • University guidance
  • Conversation in practice
  • Learn grammar  the easy and fun way
  • Language and culture for travel purposes
  • Dutch language and culture for expats

Fully customized language courses

At the Masterguide we do not work with a fixed program. We understand that every student is different and adapt the lessons accordingly. What does this mean exactly? Via the building block form you can check all your needs and wishes. Choose at what pace you want to learn, where the language lessons take place and how you would like to be coached. You can, for example, opt for help with cultural customs and manners, learn to speak the language in practice, learn grammar  the easy and fun way or combination of some blocks. No clue what you need? We are happy to help in making the right choices. The Masterguide will provide you with an offer that fits all your requirements. You are coached to communicate with more confidence. And the great thing: you can follow my classes from all around the world via this great online programme!

Learn  a new language within your own familiar environment

You can simply follow the language courses from home. It's that easy. And with the same attention, appropriate explanation and enthusiasm! The Master Guide partnered with online lesson program Vectera. With this online video tool you can now follow the language courses wherever you want. The only thing you need is a laptop or PC. It’s just as personal as one-on-one lessons. In this tool you can share documents with your teacher, chat with each other live, watch videos and complete online tests together. From our experience this works just as easy and productive as a face-to-face lesson. Do you prefer to see the teacher in real life? The lessons can also be followed at the Masterguide’s table in the center of Leerdam.

The teacher of the Dutch language school

You will be taught by the Masterguide, Nicole Tak. She has years of experience in teaching, a Bachelor’s degree in Language and Culture Studies and a Masters in Latin American Studies. As an experienced language teacher, she has the right teaching method for each individual. She always teaches with enthusiasm and patience! In addition to her work as a teacher, she is also a guide. The Masterguide likes to help you discover the Netherlands.

For who are these language courses intended?

Since the program is specifically tailored to the group or person, everyone can follow the language courses of the Master Guide. Whether you are young or old, from wherever you are. Master Guide also offers special courses for expats and students. For expats, extra attention is paid to Dutch culture and customs. The Masterguide will make sure you get familiar with our language and customs in no time! As your personal coach, we will meet your needs for dealing with Dutch society. For students I offer after school study sessions, tutoring, university guidance, and teach grammar the easy and fun way. The Masterguide can help everyone who needs extra lessons and guidance!

Start today at the Masterguide Dutch language school

Curious about the possibilities and prices of our language courses and coaching? View the price list here. Or walk through the building blocks form and receive a proposal from the Master Guide! Do you have any questions? You can always call 0610820186, mail info@meestergids.nl or fill in the contact form