Pricelist language lessons & coaching

Prices for learning Dutch, German, Spanish and English

The Masterguide offers the following prices for the language lessons or courses:

1. Group course
Choices are: a basic course for learning a new language (32 hours), or a refresher / continuation course (18 hours)*
- Students or schoolkids: basic course: € 295,00. refresher/ continuation course: € 175,00 ( free of tax)
- Business / expats: basic course: € 575,00. refresher/ continuation course: € 355,00 ( excl. tax)
- Others: basic course: € 415,00. refresher/ continuation course : € 235,00 ( free of tax)

* Minimum of 5 and maximum of 12 persons per group. Inquire about the start and location via the contact button or via the building blocks form button. Also if you want to start your own private group at your location of choice.

2.  Private lessons: one-on-one *
Choices are: tutorial lessons (help with schoolwork), a basic course for learning a new language (32 hours), or a refresher/ continuation course (18 hours). At the Masterguide's place or online!
- Students or schoolkids: tutoral lessons: € 17,50 per hour. basic course: € 480,00. refresher / continuation course: € 275,00. ( free of tax)
- Business / expats: tutoral lessons: € 27,50 per hour. basic couse: € 750,-. refresher / continuation course: € 450,- .( excl. tax)
- Others: tutoral lessons: € 20,50 per hour. basic course: € 595,-. refresher / continuation course : € 340,-. ( free of tax)

* The Masterguide works from home in Leerdam, but also world-wide via the online programme Vectera. This is an ideal tutoring system with a Skype-like chatroom and all possibilities of uploading and sharing documents, online tests or pages. You don't need to leave the comfort of your own space to receive the best language lessons!

Unique about language lessons or courses with the Masterguide are the coaching options. 
The Masterguide offers the following combinations of coaching and language. Make your inquiries when interested!

1. Homework / Schoolwork tutoring
2. Cultural aspects / local morals
3. Studyplanning and studychoice
4. Grammar coaching

1. The Masterguide helps you with your homework or schoolwork.
(secondary school, high school, college or university)
She checks, examines, controls, stimulates, explains, organises, rehearses and helps you with all your needs.
Students or scholars bring their own books / online schoolwork with them to class. Only for the language subjects.
Online lessons work just as good as sitting at the same table: just try it!

2. Ideal for expats and backpackers: learning about the right cultural use of language in combination with local costums and morals.The daily talk in the street or office. The Masterguide offers this in Dutch, for when you come to the Netherlands or in Spanish for when you go to latin America.  

 3. Moeite met plannen van je studie en / of je vervolgopleiding?
Voor studenten en scholieren die last hebben van studiekeuzestress, moeite hebben met agendabeheer en organiseren en plannen van de opleiding. Testen, oefeningen en begeleiding; toekomstgericht. 

4. Grammaticale coaching: voor wie denkt dat grammatica onbegrijpelijk is!
Spelling, zinsvolgorde, ontleding en al dat andere lastige van een taal leren? De Meestergids biedt handvatten, trucjes, makkelijke manieren om grammatica toch leuk of zeker simpeler te maken. Ook zeer geschikt voor dyslectici. Alleen voor de talen Spaans, Engels en Nederlands.