Language courses and studycoaching

Language courses

Are you looking for costumized language classes in Holland or online? The Masterguide is a Dutch language school for your Dutch, German, Spanish and English classes at all levels. What makes my lessons unique?
1. Via the building blocks form you can check all your needs and wishes. The Masterguide will provide you with an offer that fits all your requirements.
2. You can take my classes from all around the world via this great online Programme Vectera!
3. I make grammar easy and fun for everyone!

Expat, student or in school?

For expats, who want to learn Dutch, there is extra focus on the local culture and Dutch way of living. The Masterguide will make sure you get familiar with our language and customs in no time! As your personal coach, we will meet your needs for dealing with Dutch society.    
For students, or everybody in school, who need extra lessons and coaching, the Masterguide can help you out. Next to language classes we also offer all kinds of studycoaching possibilities. With discount offers for you!

In short, with the Masterguide you will find a language course that will suit you. Whether you are looking for a full group conversation course or just a few intensive one-on-one classes; online or face-to-face, at a desk or hitting the streets, with your own materials or with the Masterguide teaching methods. Everything is possible, but above all you will receive attention, patience, fitting explanations and a great deal of enthusiasm!

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